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The Doron, Tikotzky, Kantor, Gutman, Ness, Amit Gross & Co. Law Office was established in 1997 and soon took its place among the largest and leading law firms in Israel.
The firm employs dozens of lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, economists; veterans of the tax authorities, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Economy, and lawyers who are licensed to practice law in Israel, the United States, England, Romania, and Cyprus, and enjoy an extensive legal knowledge in diverse fields. Our firm has 20 partners, leading and managing the firm as a single combat unit, each responsible for his/her expertise and specialty, and together they jointly promote a legal, dynamic, and decisive, fast and lethal "war machine", one that is focused on the client's purpose and interest. Each client feels that his/her problem is a problem of the firm as well, therefore he/she can rest assured that through us he/she will successfully reach his desired destination!
An excellent team of lawyers, specializing in  Tax Law, Capital Markets, Hi-Tech, Corporate Law, Insolvency and Economic Rehabilitation, Labor Law, Relocation, Real Estate and Civil-Commercial Litigation.
Our firm, which strives for credibility values, providing personalized and uncompromising professionalism, focuses on a number of core areas: Taxes (Civil, Criminal and International Income Tax), including tax advice and planning, tax attorney's assistance with the tax authorities (income tax, VAT, etc.), Tax assessment and tax appeals management, escorting suspects in the Tax Authority, and defending them in tax crime cases, establishing overseas companies, supporting Israeli business activities abroad, writing opinions on Israeli and / or international tax issues, etc.; The Capital Market and High-tech, including capital raising, corporate law, IPOs in Israel and abroad, and escorting private and public companies; labor law, immigration and relocation, including supporting employers from a wide range of industries, conducting legal proceedings before Labor Courts, handling business, employees and providing ongoing legal response, supporting restaurant owners, handling work visas for foreign workers employed by restaurants, franchise agreements, etc.; Insolvency and economic rehabilitation, including corporate rehabilitation, suspension of proceedings and credit compositions, liquidations and receivership; Real Estate Law including urban Renovation, Buying and Selling Apartments, Gift Deals and / or Distribution;  National Outline Plan 38 - representation of house committees and developers, combination transactions; Evacuation and Construction - Representation of neighborhoods committees or developers, real estate entrepreneurs, real estate tax planning, registering transactions in the Land Registry bureau, registration of condominiums, conducting with betterment tax authorities, reporting and tax planning of land transactions, representation of landowners etc.; Corporate Law, mergers and acquisitions, including drawing up agreements to buy and sell businesses, companies and activities, investors' support, support companies that raise funds, mergers between companies and / or activities etc.; Civil-commercial litigation, including civil litigation before the courts throughout the country, whether in business disputes - finances, trusts and estates litigation, disputes with insurance companies and / or abusive or harmful entities, real estate disputes, borders and ownership, Environmental quality
disputes, etc. 

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