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Tamir Kalderon

Tamir Kalderon  (Adv.) – partner

Tamir Kalderon is a senior attorney and a partner in our firm who manages our civil taxation department.
Advocate Kalderon specializes in the Israeli taxation system; he prepares written opinions for the firm’s clients, accompanies them in assessment procedures, and represents them in litigations in front of the various legal instances, with all that is involved with it.
Similarly, Adv. Kalderon specializes in the field of international taxation, and within this framework, he takes responsibility for establishing varied international platforms, based on the foreign law, the Israeli law, and the Double Taxation Prevention Conventions, in a great variety of files.
Advocate Kalderon, an officer in an elite military unit, has completed his specialization at the Haifa District Court, under the supervision of the former Court’s Vice President, the Honorable Judge Haim Pizam.

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