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Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman & Amit Gross - Law

Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman & Amit Gross  is one of the leading and most prominent law firms in the country, comprising many lawyers, among them, some of the major jurists in the country.

The office is deployed nationwide, with a number of branches from the north of the country to its center, and has lately expanded outside the borders of the state, to Bucharest in Romania. In order to provide a legal, professional and accurate response, the firm is divided into several sections each one specialized in a specific area. Among the office departments, one may enumerate the tax department, specialized in handing civil, penal and international taxation files; the civil – trade department, real estate, bankruptcy and execution departments, torts, labor law and other unique departments such as the maritime law.

How did all begin?

Adv. Yaron Tikotsky and Eli Doron have met at the fiscal section of the Attorney's Office / Ministry of Justice. In the framework of their employment at the Attorney's Office, they have both accumulated extensive experience in handling many various civil and penal files when representing the various taxation authorities. In 1997, the two have joined in the setting up of a law firm on the basis of their long expertise accumulated in the public service. In the course of the years, the office extended its operation to other law branches, while adding other local leading jurists. In 2001, the law firm Doron Tikotsky merged with Giora Amir, Advocate and Notary, one of the most prominent tax jurists in Israel, who had published some of the most important books in the field ever published in Israel. In 2004, a supplementary merge of the firm took place by the joining of Adv. Nirit Morad – Mizrahi, a renowned expert in the commercial, civil and real estate law. The office grants presently a comprehensive basket of legal services in many areas. Our main specialization areas are:

Taxation Laws, Tax Consultancy

The firm offers its customers a variety of services including tax planning, local and international; tax advice on the tax implications in complex transactions, legal representation in courts in civil and penal cases, as well as appeals.

Civil Law – Trade Law – Execution

The firm handles a variety of commercial and civil cases. The civil commercial department of the firm is engaged in business disputes, rehabilitation of companies, dismantling and receivership, bankruptcy, settlements with creditors, etc. We also employ a special unit, with access to the computerized data base in regards to enforcement and collection orders, specializing in the effective and legal collection of debts.

Real Estate
Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman & Amit Gross & Co offers an extensive experience and expertise relating to real estate, as of the development of beneficial real estate to complex real estate building transactions in large extents for residential requirements. In addition, we are involved on behalf of our clients in the planning process and the building of public edifices, infrastructures, expansions and more.

Labor Law
The labor Department of our firm represents both employees and employers in claims conducted at the labor courts around the country. Our representation in this field starts with claims of workers against their employers and includes representation of large business entities in various claims further to the conduct of their business in the labor law area.

Torts Law
Doron Tikotzky Kantor Gutman & Amit Gross & Co specializes in the torts laws and handles a long line of lawsuits and areas - insurance claims, property damage, road accidents, claims against the Ministry of Defense, work accidents, social security and medical negligence. The torts department conducts many cases at any courts throughout the country and operates in cooperation with a long line of senior doctors and insurance experts.

Starting from May 2007 the firm has expanded its areas of activity in Romania, by opening a special extension of the firm active in the country. The firm represents in Romania a range of businessmen, Israelis and local alike. A significant part of activities at this branch focuses on investments in real estate. We accompany our customers as of the acquisition of land / property, location of land and examination, while take care of the administrative and management issues as required for each and every project. Similarly, the expertise of the firm in international tax laws is available to our customers abroad and in Romania in particular.

Our office represents a long range of private and business customers in a variety of economic areas, starting from the small, medium and large public companies traded at the Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv and NASAC. Our services are also available to clients in the public sector as well as various state entities. 

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