By: Eli Doron, Adv; Yaron Tikotzky, Adv, (C.P.A); Dr.Slomo Nass, Adv, (C.P.A)

The pensions ( better said compensation) to which the present article refers, are given by the Romanian State to people who are, in our case, Israelis but also Romanian citizen – this latter fact being proved by the Romanian valid passport.
The procedure that needs to be fulfilled is a simple one, and can be handled by our branch in Bucharest.
The procedure is made up of the following steps:
1st stepObtaining an approval from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania attesting that the historical event (the persecution, deportation etc.) took place in Romania.
In order to get this approval the client needs to fill in a special petition in which he will specify what kind of persecution he suffered. To this petition he has to add the following documents:
  • -   certificate of change of name (if the case),
  • -   Romanian valid passport (original or certified copy by a notary) or an address from the Passport Authority,
  • -   the Israeli passport,
  • -   the declarations of two witnesses to specify the period when the persecutions took place.
The declarations of the two witnesses have to fulfill the following conditions:
  • -   They have to be personally aware of the facts mentioned in their declarations;
  • -   In their declaration they have to have their identification data (Romanian personal numeric code;
  • -   Relatives up to III rd degree cannot be witnesses;
  • -  The witnesses have to specify the following facts: - the date and circumstances in which they met the petitioner, the place where the petitioner was deported, refugee, etc.); the place where the petitioner arrived after being deported, refugee etc, the exact period of the evacuation, deportation etc by day, month and year of the beginning and of the end; the reason of the persecution (ethnic and racial for being Jewish).
2nd step  - Submitting the file to the House of Pensions:
With the approval from the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, the client has to approach the House of Pensions with a petition and the Director of the House of Pensions shall decide if the client is entitled to receive or not compensation in accordance to the dispositions of Law no. 189/2000 – regarding granting certain rights to persons who were persecuted from political dictatorship reasons beginning with 6th of March 1945.
Once the petition is approved, the Decision of the Director of the House of Pensions shall be sent to the territorial department of the House of Pensions – body that is empowered to make the physical payments.
The payments can be done in Romania or abroad. Still, in a first stage the client has to open an account with a Romanian Bank and then to make an agreement between the Romanian bank and a foreign bank – where he wants to cash the money.
The pensions are given in accordance to the number of years that the persecution lasted – between 100 to 200 lei/year of persecution. For example if a person was deported for 5 years and he is granted 200 lei/year it means a monthly payment of 1000 lei/year. To have an equivalent in euro, 1000 lei would equal approximately 230 – 240 euro/month.
The widows of persons who were persecuted are also entitled to a fix retribution of 100lei /year that the spouse was persecuted.
These pensions can be obtained by fulfilling a simple procedure that can be handled by our attorneys in Romania having as result a monthly compensation that will be received by the Client.

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